Truedrive not recognizing Simcube

Operating mode: Disconnected

I tried different USB ports
Latest True drive
Previous true drive that was last working
PLugging/unplugging all cables
Shutdown / start up

Help please

Sim cube 2 ultimate
Also USBs makes sounds (recognized by windows)
Also wheel base is strong when I turn wheel, but true drive not detecting
LED buttong (on off) is LED lit
Emergency is released
Pulled in out / on off multiple times


Is the Simucube 2 visible in Windows Devices screen, and if yes, under what name? what is the serial number of the unit? Is this a new unit?

Do you have IRFFB installed? It installs a third-party software called HIDGuardian that prevents all other software, including True Drive and iRacing, from accessing the Simucube directly. Uninstall HidGuardian and IRFFB to troubleshoot this (refer to their uninstall instructions).