Truedrive copy, export and backup

Is there any chance to get the copy, export and/or backup options back in truedrive? So we don’t need to downgrade both truedrive and firmware to use 2021.7 or 09. Which at the end doesn’t have the profiles from later versions anyway. So you can’t make a backup, unless you put all the settings in manual for all your profiles. Using paddock doesn’t seem to help either as it seem to over wright the offline profiles.

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The profile management system was changed after 2021.9 so that no profiles are stored in the device itself, except for the default profile.

After that, all profiles are in the paddock very safely, and also cached offline in Documents/Simucube 2/cachedprofiles directory.

I know it was changed.
If you don’t manage to delete that folder, which I did :frowning: and I only had 2 profiles in the paddock and non of them was my offline profiles.

Something I’d recommend doing is taking screenshots of all your profiles incase you have this issue again. I back up all my important sim stuff to google drive

Doesn’t new version have import/export profile (profiles) function or it was removed?

Import only, but looks like the profiles are available in MyDocuments

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I see, I am still creating backup copies of all my profiles before making any changes with 2021.9.
I understand that new system keeps them as files already but asking user to find the location of them in Documents to back up is not the most user friendly move. May be keeping export option is not such a bad idea after all.
And no, cloud based is not 100% failure proof solution, nor does it support snapshots or versions of profiles.

I learned that my online profiles (these are the ones from Paddock/cloud, correct?) now have ALL direct input filters at 100 percent. So Fe in AC, which uses the damping direct input filter, my personal profile felt of course very different from before. Because I don’t know which game does use which direct input filters I have to let TD open the first time, and then adjust it.
Imo this new starting point is still a bit too strong. Took me 2 seconds to think “do I have the wrong preset activated?”

Hello Mika!
Unfortunately those files are proprietary binary files. If something goes wrong with them, all is lost. The Documents folder is also not a very safe place to store those profiles (as backup that is). Furthermore it’s stated in Truedrive, that the offline profiles may be overwritten by online Paddock files.

Looking at the price of the Simucube hardware, I’d say that many, if not most, of your customers, are enthusiasts. Many of us have spent ten thousands of Euros on our sim setups. When you have invested that much in your hardware, you are likely to spend a huge amount of time to calibrate your equipment to squeeze everything out of it. The time spent to set everything up perfectly is precious and customers like those normally won’t use the online profiles and will be even less happy to have them overwritten or corrupted…

I like the paddock idea. It’s definitely a quick way to start up the calibration, but I personally wouldn’t use such a profile for anything else.

I too think it is a pity that you have removed the possibility to export backups. I like everything else about my Simucube, but when it’s time to replace the current wheel, it may be a dealbreaker, at least for me.


Afaik you can’t overwrite a paddock profile. All you can do is to make a copy of it. To edit you have to rename the profile aswell.
Your own profiles that you stored in the cloud are not public, and no-one can see them. And, as mentioned, those you published can’t be overwritten, renamed or deleted from no-one. I have made different versions of a basic rally profile, and they are all stored on my PC and the cloud. And that the profiles are stored in “my documents”, well, they have to be somewhere. Assetto Corsa has the setups for the cars and tracks also in the “my documents” folder. I couldn’t find them in the beginning, so had to Google it.

Correct. But local (offline) profiles can be overwritten. I don’t like the idea of trusting the cloud with my custom profiles. Hopefully Granite Devices will be around for a long time, but you never know. I personally use the the offline profiles.

Always good to be sceptical about data security, I am totally with you. I saw in your post that fine tuning of your profiles was/is very time intensive. And who wouldn’t be pissed if this would all been gone in a second.
My profiles look so similar, I think I can reproduce 90 percent of them within a minute or two. AC, 2 WRC, 1 RBR, 4 F1 (18 to 21)… the rest like RF2 and AMS2 are still on the “to learn/to do list”. I also don’t consider the profiles as sensitive data, they are a variation of settings no one is likely gonna steal…at least not mine.
I can understand that some principles are more important to a person than they are for me. To make me fully understand: you mentioned “proprietary binary data”. As my first language is Swiss German, do you mean that the profiles are in binary language? I ask because I have profiles in txt, and they can be imported and stored as profiles (or it once was possible). Or is this a total missunderstanding based on my poor English?

I don’t care much about data security here either. I don’t mind sharing the profiles either. Recreating lost profiles would take me a bit longer :slight_smile: But we are all different. The wheel is only one of all configurations as well. G-seat, belt tensioner, motion system, tactile, etc. All tuned together with each sim. It all builds up if there is no simple and good way to keep track of the profiles.

The profiles are no longer human readable no. It used to be possible to export them as text/xml, but in recent versions of TrueDrive it has only been possible to import those older profiles, not export.

Of course it’s no huge deal, but if I go on the market looking for new HW, things like that will influence my choice. I once bought the SC2 because it had that option. Unfortunately now gone. But that’s life I guess. :grinning: