True drive update not starting

Hello i have just downloaded the latest true drive version 2023.2.
i unzipped the file and i have 1 executable.

I double-click on it but nothing happened?

What am i missing?

ok sorry i think i found the cause.
Executing the exe in cmd give me the tips : ‘access denied’

Then i look at exe properties (right-click) and it says files is blocked because coming from other computer.
-> click unblock and now it’s starting.

No pop-up windows saying “access denied” when i was executing with double-click.
OS: windows 11

Maybe right click on file, choose “run as administrator” helps?
If not: did you place it in c:\program files?
If so, drop it somewhere else and try again (as administrator).
I don’t want to update to 11, so I’m still on 10. But should be pretty much the same procedure
And the DD should be on (wouldn’t be the first time)

run as admin didn’t work.

But the solution is : right-clic on files-> properties and then tick “unblock”
After that : exeute the file normally

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Sorry, my fault: I understood it still denied access.