True Drive support of hotkeys?


at the moment I have to use True Drive Software way more than I’d like to use it.

  1. regularly to unlock high torque (I do hope that the comment of Mika is being implemented soon, that there is going to be a permanent option for that…)
  2. regularly re-center the wheel as it still keeps de-centering regularly (seems to be an issue mainly with the Ultimate)
  3. Necessity to change profiles

Some of those issues could be eased if there is the possibility to configure and use hotkeys for those functions…

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I have an unused (for simracing) DSD button box that could be useful to config TD profiles like damping Inertia and Friction, overall forces must be there too.

No support for interfacing x amount of usb game controllers is planned - would cause higher CPU consumption, not to mention slow down more important development tasks.

There might be some hotkeys to be set for activating some profiles, but not very soon.

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Hotkeys are welcome, paired with prograsms like Joytokey all may be possible

just hotkeys would be sufficient as we could use configure and use those via joytokey for any given button boxes as Alfye20 mentioned.

Please consider hotkey for torque activation and re-centering too! (unless we’ll be able to activate it permanently for good somehow else)

I would love to see true drive hotkey option. Specially for switching between profiles would be great because not all games work after minimizing.


[Matiss_Riekstins] It will be very good feature.

Hi all, I agree.
It would be a massive help if FFB strength and wheel rotation lock could be tuned by hotkeys. So it could be modified from in-game without switching to the true drive gui.
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Its a good idea but technical implementation is not straight forward.

Thank you Mika so much for the fast reply.
I don’t know if this makes it any better or easier, but I am sure most of us would be also happy if there would be any interface available to tune parameters externally. It does not need to be a keyboard hotkey. Me, for example, I tune many parameters via SimHub. There is also a keyboard emulator and people created some custom plugins for external devices/software. As I said, I doubt it makes it any better, but I thought just to mention it :wink:

Tuning parameters would require us to develop some type of software API or interface to do it via True Drive.

Then we would need to document that API.

Then we would be tied and everyone would cry if we ever changed that API in a way that breaks backwards compatibility.

Then we would figure out how to maintain backwards compatibility.

Its is a huge task.


Try to add a “telemetry” display to your setup, then open TD on that screen and tune to your liking.
Ive been there too

Just a Latency Test would be a huge step, just launch an Effect and capture that response of movement on TD.