True Drive software recommended way to setup

Default profile for each sim from True Drive software
recommended value for setting ffb gain in sim 20-25%


  1. This value base on which model Sport Pro or Ultimate ?

  2. If this ffb gain in sim base on Pro that have 25 Nm ,Example recommend value to set ffb in sim =25%

,I have Sport 17 Nm so I must
*** set ffb Gain in sim = 25/17 * 25% = 36.7%

This calculation was correct or not.

I come from G27 to Simucube 2 sport very impressed!!!
Thank you for all answer.

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Gratz on a amazing wheelbase and welcome to the family !:slight_smile: Inn theory you math sound right. But there are others variables, Size of wheel, car you driving, but manly FFB is very subjective. I would recommend trying and find what you like.

The FFB is rly linear in this bases. So even on low ffb you can catch a slide or drift with ease.

If there any specific sim u looking for settings for i would recommend going trough post on this forum talking abut that sim/game.

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Question for Mika :slight_smile:

What is the best ?

**1—**set True Drive to 100% (the Overall strength), and in game 25,35%, whatever… ?
**2—**Or reduce in TD this value , like for exemple 60% (maybe is also safer) and more “gain”, “strengh” etc… in the game ?

A lower value in game is better with 100% of the power in TD?
Some people recomands to set TD at 100% (for the strengh), because less power would partly reduce the reactivity of the wheel/motor (the motor can use a large torque in this case higher peaks…It doesn’t make sense…:thinking:) ?

I I don’t have an opinion about this. I simply ask the question :wink:

Thanx in advance

your option 2 is safer and thus the correct way. You will always want to set up the maximum possible force level that you would like to feel when driving in True Drive,and then fine tune the FFB force level to your liking while driving in game settings.

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Thx Mika ! ok great.

So apart from Iracing (maybe a little different)…In ACC for example:
60% in TD + 75 % gain in the game = more or less 100% in TD + 35 % in the game …
Just to be sure… “Gain” in the game or “Overall strength” in TD, they’re doing the same thing ?

Basically they are doing the same thing, but 0…100% scale is arbitary as they would have set a 100% value from their physics modeling somehow and using too high percentage might cause clipping.

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Ok, I see.
Thx a lot :wink:

For question 1: we had Ultimate on the rig when initial set of profiles was made, then I also fine tuned with Pro at home. The relatively low overall strength is to keep new users in relatively safety.


Finally we have removed this doubt. I in Iracing keep it at 80% in the TD

No 2 is safer esp in sims that could spike ffb signal way above 100%, e.g. iRacing on impacts.
On the other hand by undedriving motor you are not using its full potential you paid for, and with less headroom for FFB signal can see occasional clipping.
Either way is correct, most old timers DD owners seem to stick to No.1.
I am not sure that wheel ‘reactivity’ depends on TD set torque as drawn amperage depends on signal strength, you just setup max threshold.
May be Mika can confirm.
Also wondering if that can create undervoltage fault, I remember max amperage and max force were different settings in Granity and MMOs, SC1 use amperage only for control, guess SC2 is no different.
Also some sims like DR, do not have true overall strength setting, so you are forced to use driver.

My personal preference is No 1, when possible, but there is no hard rule.

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Like Andrew said :+1:

For my ultimate 80% in TD 25.1Nm
In iracing 32NM wheel and max force at 59NM

Output is max 13.6Nm, no clipping

Can also do 13.6Nm in TD and 32Nm /32Nm in iracing for same force, but may get clipping in certain conditions

I said for Iracing is different but for those games like ACC if we have for example the “gain” set to 60 % the motor will not send 100% of the strengh in any case ?

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Yep, iRacing signal could run really wild, Kunos titles are more civilized in that regard.

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Why you set 32 wheel force in iRacing if it’s 25 in TD?
Which way you like more 25.1 in TD or 13.6 in TD?

Output math, can be done many ways.

Frankly I didn’t notice any difference in the two settings, need to spend more time on it.
Only difference was clipping sound in crashes

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i thought that if you set TD 25Nm for example, than it’s your wheel force, as it’s max what sc2 is producing. So why why you set wheel force 32 in iRacing, if wheel force is 25?

Wheel force setting in iRacing is just used for the Automatic adjustment to not make forces that could clip. You should disregard that setting completely if not using the automatic mode in iRacing.

FFB strength can vary from car to car, and generally you will not want forces to clip. For this reason, is is usually better to set the FFB strength to some level that the car is maximally producing while driving and then leave just a bit of headroom.

I do it this way now… i check steering strength in Motec and add around 5Nm to this result in max force setting. For example Porsche Cup car is about 25-26Nm in Motec, so max force 30-32Nm
But i was really curious why some set wheel force other than TD value