True Drive Setting for Caster?

In iRacing I don’t get a feeling of caster as the wheel returns to center. Is there a setting in True Drive to strengthen the wheel returning to center? My current setting are those recommend by Dan Suzuki in both True Drive and iRacing, using the default iRacing setting in True Drive didn’t change this lack of feeling.

That’s kind of what Spring is for but nobody has liked Spring since early sim days when ffb wasn’t very good.

But if you feel a tiny amount would help it’s worth a try.

Also, I would say iRacing tends to have passable FFB at best and it varies by car so who even knows if caster feel is in the telemetry.

Thank you for the suggestion. It makes sense the FFB should come from iRacing and I find it very unrealistic not to have a strong caster feeling in road racing cars.

I am not sure what Dan Suzuki is running but here is what I am running: Generally speaking I can make caster set-up changes and Fully feel the differences that are happening with the car with these settings.

I run 42 on MaxForce which give an Specific Output of about .595:1 in iRacng… this MAY be high for you.

One thing about iRacing is because they use a different model with regard to the way things are done the system tends to shine more at higher specific outputs BUT then it becomes alot more work to drive the car… But that is what a simulator is… That being said depending on your settings and the way they are now there can be some things you can do with Inertia, Friction, and overall strength to be able to really feel caster effects. If the steering is too heavy then True Drive has gadded the Constant Force Reduction which will lighten the feeling of the wheel through the corners while seeing weight on the straights… This is a little Opposite what happens in real life but it works to give more straight-line stability by allowing you to USE the higher centering forces that come with higher Specific output but then not have to work as much through the corners.