True Drive Paddock cannot view profile (black window)

Currently on true drive 2023.2. I have not edited my profile for a very long time. I wanted to check what settings I currently have (because I have a new steering wheel). But I cannot. I see black screen when I click on any of my profiles (also happens on any profile from the online profiles).

Here screenshots:

What can I do? Please dont force me to upgrade true drive, I dont want to loose the ffb feeling I currently have and start the long process of fine tuning and adapting…

Have you tried without enlarging the window?
It happened when the window was enlarged. When it was reduced, my profile was visible.

I would suggest to log out and log back in. This week, we merged some of the duplicate user accounts that were errorneously created when the database had issues in end of March, so maybe there is an underlying error where your current profiles are coming from cache and it gives an error when that account does not exist anymore.

It did not work. I sized the true drive windows to minimum, and it still does not work.

I logged out, quit true drive, start true drive and login again. And it still does not work.
I am not sure that it have something to do with the online login status, because for viewing other public online profiles it is not required to be logged in, and the same black window happens there also.

attaching event log if it can be useful:
eventlog.txt (25.2 KB)

I did more digging.
Fully uninstalled true drive, then deleted leftovers - Documents\Simucube 2, AppData\Local\Granite Devices, \Program Files\Simucube 2 True Drive
Rebooted and installed again, and the same thing happens :frowning:

I also have another windows installation for doing experiments. There I have never had TrueDrive installed, so I installed it and the same thing happens. I did not login at all. I just power on my sc2, go to paddock and click any profile - and bam - black window

Is it possible that this is somehow related to the profile stored (it might be corrupted?) in the wheelbase itself, because that is the only thing common for the both windows installations?

I also tried to create a new profile - it shows empty too :frowning:
The empty part not showing is not a problem. The problem is that on the top where i can delete or make a profile default is empty too - this is what it bothers me.

Last update. I went for True Drive 2024.5 - there is no problem any more.

I created my profile from zero - it feels the same as in 2023.2. So I am keeping the 2024.5. “Case” can be closed.

Ihave the same problem.
So I should upgrade

While we have updated the Qt framework in the 2024 releases, there really shouldn’t be any reason why it would show a blank screen like that. We will have a quick look.

Some news about the black screen issue in Paddock:

We updated all libraries of the paddock web app a few weeks ago; prudent to do as there were known security shortcomings in the library version in use.

Unfortunate side effect is that the Paddock stopped working for software releases before 2024 due to the bundled Qt web browser being too old to support the new libraries properly.

If you still see black screen when browsing profiles, update True Drive to any of the 2024 releases.