True Drive Log In

So I am frequently logged out of True Drive. It seems after you log in, it doesn’t stay logged in for long and gets pretty annoying having to log in so frequently. Is there not a setting to “Stay Logged In”??

We are investigating the unexpected, increased login frequency. The system sets a permanent cookie but I wonder if some users have aggressive hdd cleaner apps that delete the web cache data somehow. Do you run any such apps?

I do not run any apps that clears the cached cookies/history no. Perhaps make the True Drive software login self contained instead of using the browser?

That can’t be done. Google doesn’t allow logins via in-app browsers anymore.

Where gets the information stored in TD that you are logged in?

The web engine cache is at the following directory:

%AppData%\Local\Granite Devices\Simucube 2 True Drive Paddock\QtWebEngine\Default