True Drive locking up freezing

Ok, so I am having occasional issues where whilst racing in iRacing the TrueDrive software is freezing and showing that the wheel is disconnected, showing unknown active profile, e-stop and motor status unknown and High Torque mode unknown.

Windows is still showing that the wheel is connected, but TrueDrive does not ‘see’ it.

I have to reboot PC to get it to work again.

I guess it could be conflicts with other devices/software running at the time, but this is new and only started two days ago.

Currently using 2020.04 version of TrueDrive

same happened to me when i enabled the tray option to the shortcut, since when i disabled it it’s working as usual

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I have had LOGITECH G HUB installed for sometime, but I think it was updated recently and it may have been causing issues. I have uninstalled it and will report back if I get any more issues.

I have the Logitech G Hub(for my mouse) installed with SC2 Pro. No issues. 10 months now. Always latest Win10 and all drivers up to date.

Try re-arrange USB devices…

Windows 7 was notorious for issues with usb devices. I get that there can easily be conflicts between the miriad of different usb devices plugged in to a PC, trouble is when you start to get issues it is very difficult to diagnose what the heck the problem is.

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