True Drive & ifffb again

Hi all… I´m new to Simucube and as I already noticed, that these topic regarding SoP, Over-/Understeer in general has been discussed in an epic manner… i tried but currently do not get enough feeling over-/understeer - so i use irffb…
As I read, irffb is preventing other software to get usb-access/control (or similar) - when discussed this it mostly sounds like True Drive Settings will be locked out when using irffb.

But … perhaps i did not get it right … I also understood, that some of the advanced settings are not driver-, but wheelbased, stored and handled by the wheelbase itself, some kind of firmware twaeks which cannot be touched/prevented by irffb - independently of the “hardware settings” tab.

Which are they? …are there any?

many thanks in advance, best regards

With iRFFB, you will likely (or easily) install a software called HIDGuardian. It masks/blocks iRacing from seeing the device, so that iRacing will only see the virtual device/joystick which is generated by iRFFB software and it will be the virtual device where the game will create the FFB effects and read the wheel position from, not the real device.

Unfortunately, the same HIDGuardian software also block True Drive from accessing the device. True Drive uses custom HID packets to talk with the wheel base and those are blocked. You cannot enable high torque mode or do anything with True Drive. I haven’t tried to install iRFFB for a while to see if it is easy or difficult to enable/disable HIDGuardian function momentarily so that you would be able to use True Drive.

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An alternative to HIDGuardian that I use in iRacing to hide the Simucube from just iRacing is a nifty utility on GitHub called DevReorder. Essentially, what it does for most games, is allow you to put an alternative directinput dll in the game folder, along with an ini config file, and reorder and/or hide specific devices from that game. In so doing, no other programs (like TrueDrive) are affected at the time.

If you hide the Simucube from iRacing, so that it will use the VJoy virtual device, you will need to use something like JoyToKey to map your Simucube buttons (if you use them) to keyboard commands which then work in iRacing.

irFFB (I used the Fuzzwah updated version) is fantastic, and with DevReorder and JoyToKey, it works great.

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I believe HidHide is the replacement for HidGuardian. It provides a simple interface for disabling devices, and provides a whitelist functionality which solves the issues Mika mentioned above.