True drive - idea

Hi Mika,

Is it possible to have a place in TD where we could put annotations specific to the profile used (like a notepad)?


in true drive online beta there is a place for annotations

Thanks SuperMonacop_GP for the news.

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Yes, and planned addition is a field to have “private notes” that stay your private notes, even if you choose to share the profile to others.


Thanks Mika for this information.
When do you plan to release the next official version of True Drive with this feature?

The online profile management system is going to stay beta for a while longer. No precise timetable for that yet.

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Thanks Mika for the answer.
Another question : Is it planned to have vibrations in the steering wheel according to the engine speed of the car as proposed by Simvibe with the accuforce?

Yes, such is planned, and some work toward that goal has been done already on PC-side. Next, we need to rewrite parts of the firmware to enable developments regarding this.


Great … thanks Mika.