True Drive cannot regonised my sc2 pro

I upgrade my TD from 2020.4 to 2021.1, but it cannot regonised my wheelbase after update, but it works fine 10 mins before update, how can I solve please ?
I upgrade it because it not work in rF2, but no problem on iRacing

Just found 2021.4_3, still the same result, TD cannot regonise my wheelbase

anybody can help please ?

Is the Simucube 2 visible in the Windows Devices screen?

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It appear but with !
I am using win8.1

We are not testing with Windows 8 anymore, but… Hmm strange. This started to happen with 2021.1?

If that is the case, you might want to try to shut down the Simucube, the remove all game controllers including any hidden ones in Device Manager, to make Windows detect it properly.

it still normal when I use 2020.4 this morning
then I start to update TD to 2021.4_3, issue start
now no any version of TD can detect it

Will give it a try tomorrow
I see blue led at the back of motor, is it normal ?

Blue led is normal mode.

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It was interesting that, it all back to normal today when I back to office PC, I still assume spend some times on it today.
Thank you Mika