True Drive - Autominimize to Systray - how to? Does or does not?


Is it possible to auto minimize the True Drive software to the Windows systray on startup? Is there a way to leave high torque mode on by default?

If not, kindly enable both features in addition to autostart the True Drive software on Windows startup. These are common features of support programs and would create a tidier user experience by not cluttering the desktop with apps that really only need to be adjusted occasionally but are needed regularly. Thank you.


Hi Derek,

Please read the tray_icon_instructions.txt file in the True Drive folder. Adding a “trayminimized” option in a shortcut (the target field should then show like this):
“Simucube 2 True Drive.exe” trayminimized

will launch the software in the system tray.

You can place any shortcuts you want to have launched at Windows login to a certain folder in Windows, that you can access by following these instructions:

You can get High Torque Mode without Standby Mode and without any standby safety beeps if you scroll down the Enable High Torque Mode dialog, and wait for the countdown to end.

These features have been in Simucube 2 True Drive software since March, 2020.

Hello Mika!

Lolo…of course it’s in the instructions file…who reads that! Doh! Thank you.