True Drive 2020.7 or 2020.10 not starting

Hi everyone,

I am facing the issue that I can not use True drive version 2020.7 or 2020.10. After unzipping the software, I click on the Simucube 2 True Drive.exe but nothing happens. If do the same with version 1.0.13, the software boots up as expected.

How can I fix this issue?


The new version will not start if the old is still running.

The old version was not running when I tried to start the .exe file of the newest versions. Thats what you meant I guess, right?

Someone still has an idea?

No, sorry, it’s the first time I heard of this.
Maybe start it from command-line & see if it throws errors?

I do not really find any reason why nothing would happen. It should at least show the window.

I will PM you for troubleshooting.

This is a baffling issue and the reason why any later than 2020.4 version would not start, escapes me.

We will need to inspect the source code and add more debug prints to see where it goes wrong!