Truck Sim question for Simucube 2 owners - does Alt-Tab mess up force feedback?

I have a fanatec DD1 and am considering switching to a simucube.

One problem I have, and I’m not sure if it’s the wheel base or the game, is if I play American Truck Simulator and Alt-tab to another program on another screen, when I come back to ATS, Force feedback is often messed up - sometimes it will work, sometimes it’s just a limp wheel (I can still steer with it)

Question for Simucube 2 owners who use ATS or ETS2: Does alt-tabbing to other programs (truedrive, a browser, etc) ever cause issues with force feedback in those games?

I’m just trying to understand what I could be in for if I switch to SC2, since they require alt-tabbing to true drive to make changes.


It is normal if you are playing on FullScreen mode. Try Borderless Window to keep focus on games that doesn work well with alt-tabbing

One question, did the game do the same with other consumer wheels?
My thoughs are that there is no need to mess with alt-tab with other wheel on the market, but TrueDrive software “forces” us to fiddle with settings in the middle of the game session.
My “no more alt-tab solution” was a 2nd display for TD and PC temeletry and change TrueDrive values with mouse-scroll to not click in another window and loose game focus

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I have a DD1 now, and it does it with the DD1. It very likely could be the game and not the wheel if it happens with you on the Simucube - My hope was that it was a flaw specific to the DD1.

I like your idea of not clicking out, and just using the mouse wheel in truedrive - Solves that one part of the puzzle. I’d love to find a full solution - it’s a pain switching to youtube to queue up a video and coming back and finding FFB is dead - On my current wheel, I can power the wheel off and on, but that won’t work with the simucube because of the need to go into truedrive when it’s turned on.

Its the game. It seems to create/delete/create its FFB effects very inconsistently when e.g. alt-tabbing to/from the game. I would be very surprised if it is working better with any other hardware manufacturer…

I have to say, I’ve been VERY impressed with ATS using the simucube with the provided ATS/ETS2 profile in true drive. I’ve only tried it once, but the time I did, I was able to alt-tab out and back and did not lose force feedback or have any other issues.

But what’s even more impressive is the FEEL - The Simucube feels great, it feels very natural. The way and speed in which the wheel returns to center is great, and the smoothness of the simucube hardware really differentiates it from the competition when driving on long, straight sections of road.

I feel like there’s a lot of focus with reviewers about how powerful each wheelbase is, but less focus on how finessed each wheel base is, yet I believe this is just as important as power - maybe more important!