Trouble connecting SC1 to Granity

Hiya, currently trying to change some settings in Granity due to an error I get frequently (Motor Faults! Over Current! Power Stage Forced Off! Fault Location ID 442001). I’ve seen in a previous thread that there were settings I could change to stop this from happening, so I decided to download Granity and try to connect my SC1.

I enable Ioni Configuration via USB in the Simcube Configuration Tool and open Granity but the only thing I see in the Connect Tab under Communication interface device is “Generic serial port (COM1)” and “TCP/IP”. The error I get is “Unable to connect. Possibly incompatible COM adapter selected or device is already used by another application”

I bought this SC1 unused off a guy who bought it in 2015 (early build) and it is a 30nm Big Mige with IONI Pro HC. I’ve read the wiki and threads about connecting to Granity but am quite lost. For reference, I’ve been driving with it for about 6 months and only a few months ago it has started showing me the Motor Faults! error. Happy to send pics of firmware versions etc.

Thanks in advance, Ethan

install the drivers

If you mean the VCP drivers, I have installed them and restarted my computer to no avail

i did mean the vcp. and just to be clear you have both usb cables connected (tested working cables and tested usb motherboard inputs) correct ?

any device with mark at device manager ?

So I opened up my controller case and realised that the x4 wasn’t plugged in from the IO to the IONI board. Plugged it in and now I can connect. Still however getting issues with max over current fault even with FOC at max.

OK can you please tell me what hardware you have and post your settings, either with photos or the drc file. Also don’t forget to include the version number of the simucube tool and ioni firmware


30nm Big Mige
5000ppr Encoder
Simucube Revision 1 (r004)

Simucube Firmware Version 1.030
Config Tool Version 1.030
IONI Firmware Version 10718

Settings are attached in the .drc

settings.drc (9.7 KB)

Is it always the 442001 fault you are getting?

Yes, never had any other faults afaik. Usually happens going into corners. I get the regular FF and then it just cuts out and I have to clear the fault with the EStop

Try to work the over/undervoltage fault thresholds. Put the FOV to your HV bus voltage + ~ 3 volts and the FUV to around 25 or 30 V. Your limits are quite tight now, maybe something strange happens when the voltage reaches the FOV level and the drive starts to manage the voltages.

also the MR and ML parameters affect the torque controller stability. I wonder if the parameters you have are measured by the servo drive, or are they from datasheet, or are other people using something in between for Large Mige.

We do not have a Large Mige at hand to compare with…

I wouldn’t be able to tell you in regards to the MR and ML. This system was built quite a few years back by Hybrid Racing Simulations who are usually pretty good when it comes to quality so I’d hope the parameters are set accurately. I’ll do some testing with the changes made to the FUV and FOV and report back.

fuv is a bit high , so as mika said tune it down to 30 just to be safe.

other abnormalities could be that Fev is low , crank it up 30000 just to be safe

mms is set up wrong . it should be 1500. i had it 1000 with large mige and it felt wrong but since you got it that way you may not have been able to realise it.

what is your psu ? you play with 100% in the tool ? i am asking bec since you have no mpp which is no problem though , your mmc setting may be high for your psu but i ll wait for you to tell me the model.

MR and Ml seem ok mika.

In the config tool I usually play around 60-70% and the PSU is an AnTek 1000w Linear Power Supply (a big boy I know haha). I’ll make the suggested changes to MMS and FOV

well linear psu should be able to handle those mmc setting with ease , but please tell me what volts it is outputting (specs or model number ) before you change anything , and you could also check it in the testing tab

The model number is AnTek PS-10N63 - 1000W 63V

i wonder if that is the problem . mika knows more about volt and how simucube can handle those values. i wonder why they didn’t use the 50v. Anyway , what does granity report in testing tab in HV bus voltage

Currently at 48.6 VDC with a +/- of about 0.4

ok then , start with changing . fev . mms and fuv and lets see if it fixes it

Okay just did a couple of laps in a few sims. It seems to not happen anymore. I drove tracks and cars with the same FF settings that would usually trigger the fault but it seems to be fixed. Also setting the MMS does feel a touch faster so thanks for that. If the fault does come back I’ll report back but for now it’s all good.

Massive thanks to you guys, always active and knowledgeable!

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