TrackMania Turbo

I need your help for this game. What is the best setting if there is no FFB in a game but I still want to have some resistance in the steering wheel?

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Add Damping 30%, perhaps Friction and a Inertia both 20-25%. Thát will create a good weighted wheel, even if no ffb from the game is present.


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You might want to wait for the next TD release.

  • Internal device telemetry data sync event does not cause wheel torque to be at zero anymore. This mainly affected non-FFB game titles.
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The common sense option:
Go to ¨Hardware Setting¨on TD software and move the Desktop Centering Strength slider to add some constant spring force.
Buuut that will work in next release because actually, when no FFb signal is received by SC2, TD software is taking some data and that causes the servo to loose force every time telemetry is taken.

The seat and think option:
Download any program that generates FFb signal and feed SC2 with a constant spring force to achieve the centering forces and to eliminate the TD telemetry accisition. Im using iRacing WheelCheck.exe to send the centering spring force.

That will be a good step fordward, but lately i was trying some AM2 arcade emulators, to be precisse was Daytona USA, and that combo requieres that the servo base must be capable to produce the auto centering forces because the real arcade cabinet is equiped with a real centering spring and that forces arent recreated by the emu.
Problem is True Drive Desktop centering forces is hardcoded to work only when no FFb signal is entering SC2 and then some FFb games relies over hardware centering forces, so SC2 with ffb but no centering forces at all.

Please @Mika can your team look at this problem?


In this video we can see the hardware spring over Daytona USA cabinet (Desktop Centering Forces on TD when on desktop, no ffb game)
But when entering the game (emu) that desktop Centering forces goes away because the emu FFb is feeding SC2.
Daytona USA case is a special one because it uses the hardware spring (constant centering force) and with FFb signals (constant, spring, friction, shine) is capable to change and althere that hardware centering spring slowing down (DI friction) ors speeding up (DI spring)
But some other games relies on Desktop centering forces too, for sure

thank you very much for your answers. I had really thought that my question would be ridiculed. But the game with the Motion SFX100 is really fun to play.

if I change the settings on the back, does this apply to all profiles or only to the one I am using?

It works as per DirectInput specs. There should not be extra centering force present when there are FFB effects.

The use case is a 0.01% corner case anyway, so its not worth to spend too much time on this.

However, the next firmware version will have the torque effect calculation active for the device telemetry sync event. It will probably be quite smooth, but not as smooth as the normal torque calculation.

Sorry I dissagreed but when all FFb wheels in the world can produce centering forces at any time given (ffb game or not active) and yours not… That can lead to thinking that your approach is not the correct one.
Then all I can read here is TD simplifications for dumb people, but not full suport over every type of racing games (arcades, emus, simus, simcades…)

Its for all your profiles, please download iRacing WheelCheck.exe and there you go


where can i find this exe?

Sorry, the program name is WheelCheck.exe:

Its simple, create a TD profile (270º, low forces, low fliters), open wheelcheck.exe select SC2, and create “Simple Spring” force. Modify TrueDrive DirectInput Spring slider to your liking

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thanks so much. I will try

cool works good :smiley:

Okay, well, too bad, because as soon as I start the game, the spring flop is out.
can I set that somewhere to stay on permanently while the exe is running?

Mmm must be a game controler RESET, can you start wheelcheck.exe ingame?

No, unfortunately not. I also took up the first idea and tried to activate the spring on the second page in the TD menu. Also there it is so that as soon as you are in the game the effect does not work anymore.
well it’s fun too but with the feather efekt it would be even cooler

I’m even more surprised that people are using a wheel to play Trackmania, which was designed to be played without FFB on a gamepad.

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Looks like TMT is creating ffb effects on its own, rumble or something that cancel other apps.
In my case Im using wheelcheck.exe to Drive the Rover in Elite Dangerous and no ffb effects are created ingame so no problems

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since I use Motion for the game I find it strange to sit in the rig with a controller in my hand. That is more beautiful with a steering wheel.

Let’s see, there’s bound to be another solution.

Unfortunately, with quarantine everywhere, we have a lot of free time and no options to buy an used/new G29 wheel to play whatever we want.
Not counting that we already have a steering wheel suposed to act like a ffb steering wheel, not a paperwheight on other racing games than iRacing.


I have the same problem, not on trackmania turbo but on the Trackmania United which is more wheel-friendly game.

I found the wheelcheck solution on reddit for some other games but it actually won’t work in older trackmania games too.

I think Trackmania is sending it’s own FFB signals for rumble vibrations (even when disabled in settings) so I guess it’s disabling wheelcheck in background

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