Tracking interference issues with Pimax headset 5+ when Simucube is powered on


I recently got the Pimax 5k, so good so far but I have tracking issues when the Simucube 1 OSW is powered on:

Tracking (Lighthouse) is jammed, when wheel power supply is started (after initialization, that said ready to drive). Touching left or right side of the headset results in tracking loss immediately. Also from time to time tracking is stopping occasionally for a second or less.

I tried to connect and ground the PC with the SimuCube case and the motor, but without success.

Maybe the the servo power cable could be the source of the interferences due to high currents? or anything else? What could I do to eliminate any of these interferences?

i am using

Wheel Kit (Simucube)
MiGE 130ST-M15015 (large MiGE)
Mean Well PSP-600-48 (600W 48V motor PSU)
Mean Well RS-25-24 (25W 24V logic PSU)

Thank you :+1:

Does the tracking somehow return if you hit the E-stop button?

Which motherboard to you have, and have you tried different USB ports?

Also, if your kit is a Simucube kit, it does not have a separate Mean WEll 24V logic PSU.

Maybe a bandwith problem? There was a suggestion for 2 usb pcie cards that help with that. Search the forum for them.

No, his problem is quite common with PiMax due to rather poor electrical noise protection. It does it with almost all DD wheels.

Except on SC2, there is no interference.

To OP: Don’t touch your frame of the PiMax directly. Handle it by the headstraps only. Then you will not have interference issues.


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Thank you for responding Mika

it comes back when I just hit the 5v flip switch, PSU is still on but the motor is without power.

ASUS ROG Crosshair VII HERO (AM4, AMD X470, ATX), all USB ports tried

I am confused, because I still have the 24V PSU…my first OSW was one from Oli with IONI,
Later I upgraded to SimuCube and IONI HC.

I have a Pimax5k+ also. Have you tried using just the built in tracking instead of lighthouses? works fine for me most of the time. I get the occasional drift which I can just recenter with a button mapped to the wheel.

yes, built in tracking works great, also better in combination with a motion platform because LH needs VR Motion cancellation. Probably I will stay without LH as long as I am on the rig. Anyway in a plane its very immersive to have 6DOFs available - eventually there will be a fix some day…

It seems you have not read my reply above.

Sure I have read it, already posted your comment in the Pimax forum. I was still too busy with all, as a result of this not giving you a short reply on your comments…Please apologize.

Ha, no need to apologise, just to make sure you’re not chasing a problem that is quite common with PiMax and dd wheels :wink:

I wonder if this what causes the drift on mine. Sometimes it just won’t stay centered and I can turn it off and on again and sometimes that will fix it.

I love the fov and immersion but man, the build quality and shortcuts they take are really bad.

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Probably not, I still have some drift, even though I have no grey-outs with Simucube 2. But drift s a lot less than before, for sure :wink:

No problems here with SC1 (with shielded cables) and 5K+ with lighthouses 1.0. Touching the headset left or right causes a short grey screen (sensors of the Pimax are there) but otherwise tracking is rock steady

With the SFX100 4 doff motion rig the people have exact the same problems you describe so emi is the problem but they have not mastered it

Talking of the SFX100, many of the users are seeing lots of success in reducing emi by adding ferrite cores to their cabling, especially where usb cables are concerned.

Might this be a good case for that sort of thing?

I’ve got this issue with my Pimax as well and tried adding ferrite cores bit it made no difference. My interference is so bad that not only does it grey out when touching it as mentioned, but when I hit high curbs such as Road Atlanta or put any load on the wheel it also greys out for a second so I had to stop using it.

Hence this started my path to buying the SC2 Pro. I have seen Beano mention in another thread that he has no interference now with his SC2. But he is using the Ultimate. Hoping the Pro is the same, I’m sure it is.

Beano, if you could test with the Pro when you get it mounted it would be greatly appreciated. Now off to check HRS to see if it’s in yet.:grinning:

Will do Chris, but the same embedded design, I would 100% expect the same outcome :wink:

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This EMI can’t be fixed the old school way be building a cheap ground cable from the Motor connecting through the metal of the chassis and ideally plugged into to an wall electrical outlet (ground only)