Total Newb just bought a used SimracingBay OSW. How do I get it working?

I have a few questions regarding setting up a used OSW with no experience and very little clue.

My hardware configuration:
-Servo Drive: Ioni Pro HC (25A)
-MiGE 130 ST-M15015 Biss-C - 4.2 mil cpr
-(drive firmware version) not sure
-SimCUBE control box

I have no mount for the Mige. What are my options please? I’m currently using a rig I made from 1" box section steel, which has a flat level surface, on which to mount a wheel. A front plate only solution would not be my first choice. I’ve seen a couple of tilting mounts which should do the job, but the one i’d prefer lists only the Mige 130ST-10010/10015 as supported. Do you think this would fit the large Mige?

Also, I have no idea what software I should be using, or where to download it?

Lastly, I bought an SRC GT rim to fit to the wheelbase. I think I have the hardware i need, but again, I have no idea about software.

Sorry to be so clueless and needy. I just hope somebody can help.

Thanks in advance.


Download simucube 0.50.4 here

Thank you very much. :+1:

Hi Denzil

The 10015 is the large mige.

What country are you in? I may be able to help you get going if you are in the USA.

The firmware package you were just linked to is the very latest. Depending on the firmware that is already installed on your control the linked firmware may not work automatically.

You could also contact Tomo from Simracingbay. I am sure he will help you.:slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply and offer of help. I’m in the UK.
My Mige is marked 130 - M15015.
HERE is the bracket I’m looking at. Great price.

I can’t do anything until I get it mounted, but how can I find out what firmware I have on my control please?

That mount will work fine.

Good question on finding the exact firmware version you have.
I am not sure if you open the Simucube firmware will you be able to see the previous version before the update starts?
@Mika could you chime in on this please?

If the included version is newer than the one found in device, then the update prompt is shown right away.

Best bet would be 0.11.2.

OK thank you.
So if I install 0.11.2, then update the firmware?
I’m guessing after the firmware is updated, I can update to 0.50.4?


@Mika thanks for chiming in so quickly!

We will have many new SC1 drivers showing up as SC2 reaches more people.:slight_smile:

@DenzilP install 0.11.2, then verify that it works and maybe save settings at least once, then install 0.50.4 if you like what it brings.

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I’ve been putting this off for months because I was afraid it sounded complicated. I finally gave it a try this evening and I thought I was getting somewhere, but now I’ve messed it up. I can’t even open the software. I get a message saying that the firmware is too new for the software.
Please can somebody help me. I don’t understand a word of the guides, it’s all jargon and I don’t have the first clue what any of it means. :frowning:

Hi Denzil,
you can check starting guide and manual from product page:

Thats usually enough to get 99% of the guys runining, just be sure to download latest version of software:

Thanks Tomo

Unfortunately, I get a 404 not found error when I click on your first link.

Try this (without a /ć) in Tomos link.

Yep, the link works now. I’ll take a look later.
Thanks to you and to Tomo for replying so quickly.

OK thanks guys, I kinda have it working in rF2 now. :+1:

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