Torque Spike Seems to Disconnect SC2 Pro

I’m doing some tests with my SC2 Pro in AMS1 and have it set to 100% power (just for tests, I don’t normally play like this). After a few corners, I hit a curb fairly hard, the wheel gets a torque spike and then disconnects (verified by True Drive). After a few seconds, True Drive reconnects the wheel and the beeps sound. However, the game will then not recognize the wheel until the game is restarted. Why is the SC2 suddenly shutting off?

I’m watching a video where a person is driving the same wheel, game, car, in-game FFB settings, and True Drive FFB settings and has no problems whatsoever.

I noticed one of my power supplies had no blue light even though it’s plugged in. I pressed the power cable into the power supply and the light came back on but when I pressed the cable, it didn’t actually move because it was already deep inside the power supply. It shouldn’t have lost connection if it was pressed all the way in. Anyways, I got the light back on so I’m assuming the issue was because only 1 PSU was connected. I’ll test again making sure both power supplies are properly connected.

That would do it due to under voltage faulting…

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