TorqOffSaving... What the hell!

Just playing Elite Dangerous: Horizons. If you dont know, the SRV is a drivable Lunar Rover like vehicle and you can map any axis to control it ingame.

Elite Dangerous doesn´t provide any FFb effects so im using my SC2 Sport like a 180º bungee wheel, all is OK, It really helps to drive the SRV with a wheel and not with the flghtstick, and best of all, I can drive with my left hand, jump with the paddle on the rim and “fly” with my right hand over the flightstick, its awesome!

Problems comes when using Desktop Centering Spring to apply some resistance ingame. I just realized that the steering wheel forces are resetting from time to time and caused me great trouble playing ED:Horizons

Every time forces are reset, a message showing FirmwareStatusBits: “torqOffSaving” is displayed over Advanced Info tab in TD. I recorded a video showing it, You can clearly see how the wheel moves every time the FFB is reset, and it can be the same while playing ED or any other non FFB game.
Worst scenario ever: when you are at the limit of the range and forces are reset thanks to “TorqOffSaving”:

It is known issue when SC2 taking telemetry reading.
Hopefully GD will do something about that as it’s causing other problems as well, like skipping past bumpstops causing violent wheel behavior afterwards requiring full device reboot.

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Some of that I have seen when recording the video, the Telemetry button appears and disappears, all for nothing because since November it does not update anything.

Lucky that I am a guy with resources and I have been able to find out that while there is any software sending a ffb signal to SC2, the TorqOffSaving does not occur, so I see myself using Wheelcheck.exe every time I play ED: H

EDIT: Just thinking that im normaly using TrueDrive 1.0.10 and when this happened I didnt see anything about Telemetry because no button on that version, but Firmware is showing TorqOffSaving anyways

Using outdated True Drive.exe version with a later firmware version is not supported, you should always be using the same version as the device has.

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Yeah I know that since Day 1 of v1.0.13, when the habillity to change parameters with mouse scroll was removed, I asked and had the same answer.
Zero problems since then but firmware (not software) is sending some kind of info and resetting forces Thanks to the Last version.

Thanks to remember me to not act like a lab mouse next time!

The mouse wheel scroll setting will be toggleable back on in the 1.0.15 version that we are releasing soon.

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