Too much torq? Help me please

How much torq is too much?

I know someone will say personal preference, but were trying to mimic a racing car. So how much is too much?

I’m 17 stone … I’m not a small dude who can’t turn a wheel.

So my Simucube settings are maxed (25nm - Simucube 2 Pro). And then the driver 61 settings suggest 60% on the gain in game.

This would make it 15nm peak torq in game. Is that too much? It feels heavy, but then if that’s correct, then that’s ok.

I found a screenshot of what I THINK is @Andrew_WOT settings? Albeit unsure if it counts for ACC too?

Given I’m new to this, I can learn based on this setting, so just curious if I should bump it down, or up …

Thanks folks!

Less is more - I tore my left shoulder bursa ligaments, and its never been the same. Short of major surgery and long recovery never will.

Keep things on the light side.

and yes tore it sim racing.

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If i remember correctly (Kunos Forum), GT3’s have around 9-12NM, peak around 15NM (Power steering)
And as mentioned above, too high forces can cause issues, i got problems with my wrists…

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Race drivers take input from a gazillion of other things besides steering wheel, for simming it’s most of the times the only thing we can rely on to gauge what car is doing, so to hear it better you might want to make it louder, not necessarily mimicking exact real car forces.
Higher forces also make driving more exiting and high torque DD wheel worth it.
Just don’t exert yourself, set it where it’s comfortable and fun for YOU.

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Why is in-game picture from ACC (at least it looks like) and the one from TD from R3R?

It’s just the name of the profile in TD, it’s not unique to that game :slight_smile:

They were Andrew_WOTs settings

Ok, was a bit confusing

Don’t take what driver 61 says as the holy grail. He seems to think he knows everything about everything. Exactly why a driver is better than another driver, exactly how a driver made a particular driving style work, exactly why a car is better or weaker than another car, etc. - those are all just theories and, with regards to the cars, tyres, aerodynamics, mechanicals, etc. well, unless he’s an scientist or engineer that is directly employed by the team and directly working on the car, inside the wind tunnel, analyzing all the CFD supercomputers, has access to all the car secrets, etc. he nor his engineer-friends on his channel can possibly know exactly what’s going on with the mechanicals, the aerodynamics, etc. as it’s highly complex. They can only make educated guesses, speculation, opinions, etc.

The worst is maybe his video of explaining exactly what & why Alonso was doing in the Renault Michelin era. Those teams, drivers, engineers, spend BILLIONS of dollars with NASA-like engineers & scientists trying to dissect everything to gain an advantage and all these teams with all their billions of dollars and all their incredibly talented & smart engineers, scientists, etc. could only come up with different theories and guesses and speculations about why, what, how, etc. Alonso and that Renault worked the way they did. Then here comes this Driver 61 youtuber who makes a video talking as if he knows exactly why it worked and exactly what Alonso was doing and what the Renault car and Michelin tyres were doing. I find it hilarious he says things like Alonso would be aggressive with the wheel to make the front tyres’ temp go up to give more grip. If it was that simple & easy, every other team (at least Michelin teams) and drivers would have done the same. If their car wasn’t suited for it, then they would have developed the car to suit it or at least made the following year’s car suit it. Obviously it’s wayyyyyyyy more complex and deeper than that. You think all the billions of dollars and hundreds or thousands of NASA-like engineers & scientists throughout all the F1 teams wouldn’t have been able to figure it out yet some random driver and youtube knows it all?

Honestly, people like that strike a nerve with me ESPECIALLY when they make videos talking as if they know for sure rather than saying something like “I’m guessing that” or “I wonder if this is what happened” or “maybe this is what’s happening” or “I’m theorizing / hypothesizing it’s like this” but, no, he says it like he knows for sure and it’s set in stone…yet billions of dollars and thousands of incredibly talented people consisting of drivers, engineers, scientists, etc. couldn’t figure it out (the Alonso, Renault, Michelin thing) for multiple years (4 or 5 seasons). Give me a break.

Sorry, had to rant. This guy is clearly after views and speaks as if he knows things for sure rather than saying “maybe”, “possibly”, “I’m guessing”, “in my opinion”, etc.

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If you had 25 nm also 100% in TrueDrive Software you have to use up to 25-40 Gain in ACC if you dont want to brake your shoulders after a while :joy:. I use 30-35 Gain with 100% in truedrive.
Best Greetings

i just thought id point out driver 61 isn’t just a youtuber, he is scott mansell who has been a racing driver most of his life and has driven countless racing cars including formula 1 cars. He pretty much does know everything about everything when it comes to racing. Does not make him the best driver in the world ofcourse, most of us know HOW to drive great, most of us understand what makes a fast lap, we know the lines, we know how to trail brake aswell as everything else BUT we dont all have the talent to actually apply that knowledge perfectly on the track. You are right to say most of his video’s are educated guesses but when it comes to racing cars his education far outclasses me or you. Just because you didn’t follow him growing up and dont recognize the name does not mean he is a nobody with no knowledge and only runs a youtube channel.

its a little disingenuous to say the guy is only after views, i mean, that is the whole idea when creating a youtube channel ofcourse he wants the views but its unfair to suggest he gets the views without having the knowledge, oh he has the knowledge, and i dont say that because im a youtube viewer of his, i say that because i watched him race at silverstone in the porsche carrera cup back in… i want to say around 2007ish and then noticed a couple years back he made a youtube channel and watched it off and on since.