Time Resolution Range app


Ive come across this app from an optimisation video for scum the app is in the optimisation folder.

Not tested it yet but hopefully if Im not mistaken it will help with input lag. With it off my current resolution for the timer information is 0.997 miliseconds with it on its 0.496. ms.

If anybody notices a difference plz post your findings here.

Link https://www.filedropper.com/scumfpspackbypanj



Isn’t this for mouse latency?
I have it, and can’t tell any difference with mouse feel, but I do have a high end gaming mouse.


According to the link above it changes the update rate of the processor. So technically it might give you an overall improvement in performance


:slight_smile: technically, maybe.
Meaningful if one is trying to get a game or app work on very old hardware?
Probably not.

But it can’t hurt I suppose


Our official statement is that things like this that modify Windows behavior are unsupported, so if there are ANY issues, please uninstall the mods first.


Cheers Mika. Noted. However no need to uninstal as it’s easy to return the timer to its default windows value if any problems arise.