Thoughts on a fair price for a 5 month old SC2 Pro + Ascher F28v2 in the US?

Just curious for anyone in the US what you think a fair price might be for a 5 month old Simcube 2 Pro & and Ascher F28v2 wheel.

Also for used gear, have people mostly used ebay or have things like the marketplace on iracing worked out better?

If your iRacing member I have had really good luck selling a bunch of gear using the forums lately. Best part about it is there is really no scammers since its a subscription service. Im always hesitant to use ebay since it seems your vulnerable as a seller since ebays policies tend to always favor buyers in disputes.

iRacing is still a good place to sell used equipment. Like Kevin said scammers are very few.

Unfortunately for you Jack Microcenter now sells the SC2 Pro for $1299. I am pretty sure you paid alot more than that.

The Apex sim racing buy,sell trade website is pretty good also. Beware of crooks on all of the Facebook and other social media for sale websites.

In my experience eBay now charges almost 13% fees on sales since PayPal is not involved anymore. You also must have the $$ from sales deposited in your bank account.

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I forgot to mention there is a guy on iRacing looking for a sport. Maybe he could be interested in a pro. :slight_smile:

Racedepartment Premium has Marketplace section.

Any reason for selling, also F28v2 is it USB or wireless?

F28v2 is wireless.

Not even sure I’m going to sell just yet, just exploring options.

The noise from the SC2 Pro has bothered me since the beginning, and with this last firmware I had an issue using offline mode where alt tabbing to true drive and back to AMS2 resulted in the steering not working, followed by some harsh force feedback that nearly caused an injury.

(I spent a bunch more time with it the next day in paddock mode and could not re-create the AMS issue, so this may be a non-issue, but it was a reminder of how powerful the unit is, and that I might have more than I need)

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If you are still thinking about selling your F28v2, I’d be interested. On the east coast…