This community has become a waste land

There are 3 factors:

Those who pushed an agenda were running out of “enemies”.
Those who tried to keep it alive, regardless of beeing right or wrong, do not care anymore.
Those who became victims, what for?

Me: I couldn’t care less

Are you nervous at the start of the week?

no, my dear French simracer. I am, can’t rembember when iI was the last time, a bit drunk from White Russian.
i am a bit sad, I don’t think @phillip.vanrensburg should have been the person that was troubled.
On the other hand I am doing well with my settings for AC. I stopped providing what others see as bullshit. And I stopped judging what others see as good. I, from time to time, have a look at the posts. It is just not anything imporant to me.

A lot of the discussion has moved on to our Discord. New users find that platform much better. Forums are a dying breed of Internet communications.

I will still keep the most important updates posted here as well.

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I don’t quite agree with what you’re saying @mika, it’s not really the users who decide on the life of the forum, but you, the team, the staff, not long ago, you decided to use TRELLO to inform us of updates, I’m sorry but I still haven’t understood how it works.
Why do you also want to use DISCORD rather than the forum?
I don’t use this application either, on a forum, if everything is well organised, we find all sorts of information, I’ve been registered on the RFRO forum for a few years now, it’s an excellent forum, they also use DISCORD but only for organising races, all the information remains on the forum, why would you want to make a forum die, moreover I doubt that translation into another language is as simple as on an internet forum, for my part, no I really don’t understand the reason for wanting to abandon a forum…
Maybe I’m getting old.

Translated with (free version)

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Well, of lot of organic discussion about our products, especially from new product owners, is indeed in the Discord now. We didn’t push it, its just that people find it easier and want to use it rather than forums.

I would expect the forum to wake up when our next new products are released.

Forums and Discord are imo made for different purposes.

discord is for conversation
forums are for sharing and keeping information available

For example to find some info from Discord means you need to search for that within Discord, search engines don’t index the messages in it as far as I know.

Of course Discord has added forum like functionalities and they have been implemented very well, just that you have to be in discord to take advantage of that. You also need to invest time and effort to check the messages regularly or you fall out of the loop.

Forums are “better” as you can find information through search engines years later, of course it’s also forum dependent how well they are indexed.

I’m not criticizing either, they are just different and someone else might think differently.

For me personally, there isn’t much I want or need to change so I’m not active neither here nor Discord.

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I have been active on a lot of forums during the past 20 years. And since a few years there is a steep decline in activity on all those forums. Everything moved to Facebook groups and Discord.
People are looking for the easiest way to post things. But I’d say the quality of posts was much higher on the oldskool forums. People posting tricks and helping eachother. Now it’s mainly “help with me this issue and I haven’t read the manual, LOL” or “look what I bought”.
I like the forums also lot more because it structured and has a good search engine.
It’s not only in simracing. It’s the same in 3D printing and RC communities. So it’s not Simucube’s fault that this is a wasteland.

hello how do I find the discord group? When I search for simucube in discord it comes up with nothing

This is Discord:

And this is the main page where you find everything. Like the Discord, Trello and other links:

Dont ask companies from Finland something while there is an Eishockey championship or Olympic tournament. They are either drunk from winning, or losing…
I just learned that the Government from Finland declared a state of agony after they lost the game against Austria.

I will get thrown out from here anyway because I already know that Finland, will go home after having played the Swiss team tomorrow.