The new box design and the wheel that should fits in it

I remember when Swiss air grounded and they “reinvented” that proud, famous airline. They hired a Canadian designer named Tyler Brunè (or similiar) and paid him a few million dollars to redesign the companies look. The guy came up with the label “swiss”…
Why do I write you this?..Forgot the point…ah ok: who should get the wheel to test it: an influencer…give it to your best competitors and ask them to give them one of theirs. And no, I dont talk about Fanatec and Thrustmaster.
Let the best test, so to say, and vice versea. What about that? Or take expert from communities like Racedepartement aso. If you convince them your wheel will be excellent.

The slogan on the box…not really a hit🧐

There is nothing that can top a Simucube 2, except the wheel designed to compete with it💯
Granite/Simucube the top of simracing

Sorry: no mass product. Only for Simucube racers

Best Direct Drive?
Easy… Simucube
Best wheel?
Don’t be foolish…Simucube

It’s your talent as a racer,
And the hardware from Simucube

Tested from the best
To win before the rest