The motor feels like it's getting into like magnetic fields

Hey there, I don’t now what to do anymore. The motor behaves like in the video shown, everytime I enter iRacing. It moves normal when I exit iRacing. It enters what feels like magnetic fields and I need some force to exit it and than it enters the next one. Yeah I got not mount so far. I hope somebody can help me. I’m using the Mige 130ST AM10100. The Simucube and granity software.

Here’s a video example of what I mean:

Looks like you have wrong/switched wiring of U, V, W phases on servo power cable. Its quick fix :wink:


omg thank you so much man! Looks like they put on the wrong labeling for the wires. now it works perfectly!
Thank you!


Yep, quite common issue with these diy OSW builds, as always, Tomo spot-on :wink: