The Million Dollar Question

After a few months of going back and forth on what direct drive wheel base to purchase I have settled on purchasing the Simucube 2 Pro version based on reading many hours of reviews as well as watching YouTube reviews, but mostly on end user satisfaction with the product and the company.
However have ran into a wall, Where can you actually buy a Simucube 2 Pro ? I have looked at what I believe to be every reseller site on the internet and not a one has it in stock ? and no information when they will become available ? Most simply say next shipment ? When is that ? Can any one from Granite Devices chime in to shed some light when we can expect widespread availability of the Pro version on this product line ? I did stumble across a hand full of Ultimate units, but they are above my pay grade

Thank you

You and the other half of the newly ignited Sim community I am afraid. They were in high demand and low supply before Covid 19 - for GD this is a total blessing in disguise, the elevated exposure of sim racing has generated a market that pre - Covid19 could only be dreamed of.

Now the biggest issue they have is the backorder situation with limited access to factories and reduced production only exacerbates the issue.

I have two friends I am building rigs for currently, they both want pros,one has elected to go the Ultimate route as money is not the issue and the other elected to purchase a sport he found languishing in an online store.

The only comfort I can offer is that misery loves company, your not alone, be ready with the buy button (like a gunfighter on the draw) when one of the retailers has stock.

Good luck…


Got mine from here: Delivered within 1 week, in perfect condition, but EU only. Currently only Sport on stock. Maybe they get some Pro back too.

Oh wow, I did not know they sold direct to the public.
Shame they only serve the EU, I live in the US
I will keep checking the sim racing sites daily for any changes in availability
Thank you for the help

There will be a public post about the current availability issues very soon to answer the questions that people have.


That would be great, The worst thing about this whole situation has been simply not knowing where you are in the process and what to expect.

Hopefully this will give us some insight on when there will be availability on these DD units

Thank you

There has been an update in our social media feeds today. We know its not what most people wanted to hear, but finally we are getting a handle on the delays and can give realistic estimates.

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I am sure everyone appreciates you letting us in on the lead times

Just ordered the SC2 Pro at DSD and Derek is estimating delivery to him at the end August ?

So hoping to have it in hand at the beginning of September. Long wait, Coming from a belt drive I am sure

it will be a great wheel base :crossed_fingers: