Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends and Simucube 2

Has anyone had success with the Simucube 2 and Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends?

This is a Slightly Mad Studios post-Shift game that has great visuals even to this day and the driving model is not that bad at all, I mean compared to Forza, GT, etc.

Assigning controls works for the “Custom Wheel” device option and at one point I had what felt at least like centering spring but somewhere along the line I lost it and I can’t feel any kind of steering forces.

But there does seem to be some forces coming through the wheel. Shift effects are strong. And some road feel, I think, is coming through but very rarely. Maybe it was kerbs which are probably another effect.


I did manage to get this to work after fiddling quite a bit. I set up the wheel as a Logitech G25 and it sort of started working okay. Brutal ffb, though. Maybe this game is just good for arcade controller fun.

Edit: Okay, I got somewhat reasonable ffb (barely acceptable but enough to give it a chance). I chose Logitech G27 in-game, in-game ffb strength 50, TrueDrive 240deg rotation, 100% overall strength, slew rate 1.00, disable Spring, 100% Damping and Friction under DirectInput Effects. Now if I could only avoid the crash that happens quitting every race session…

I published it on TrueDrive for anyone who wants to try it