Tahko paddle shifter broken after 15 hours of use

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue maybe some of you know some silly simple fix for, or have had it occur.

I switched from Logitech to Simucube a week ago, all nice and dandy but tonight during an iRacing session the downshift paddle got stuck. It wasn’t a particularly sudden strong pull or anything - I’ve been pretty soft on the new gear considering it’s new and valuable.

Now whenever I try to use the paddle it gets stuck and I have to push it back into its neutral position. Does anyone know the cause/a fix? I’m technical, have a good screwdriver and happy to try out anything that does not void the warranty so I don’t have to send it halfway across the world. thanks a lot!

LE: forgot to mention, the paddle also feels “mushier” than the other one

check if the magnet what pulling the paddle to the neutral position after shiftng is still in place or its maybe fall somewhere?

thanks for the reply! both magnets are in place but it seems like the hinge is putting in more resitance than the magnets can handle

i don’t know how to open up the hinge and wouldn’t want to void the warranty