Tahko Issues - Post-Firmware Buttons and Battery Cover Screws

Hello, I just signed in tonight to do some racing and was met with a firmware update for the Tahko. I clicked OK and True Drive did its thing. Upon entering the sim (iRacing), I noticed my view was looking to the left. I exited and checked True Drive and see multiple buttons being pressed even when not pressing any buttons on the steering wheel. Secondly, when rotating the funky switch I now hear beeping noises.

To make matters worse, I thought I’d try resetting the wheel by removing the battery. I went to unscrew the allen screw to remove the battery with the included allen key and it stripped the screw head. This is incredibly frustrating as I know I didn’t screw in a simple battery cover to the extent to tighten it enough to strip it the next time I had to remove it.

I have had the wheel for less than a month. Attached is an image of the buttons being depressed in True Drive.

Write to our support. Something very strange has happened.

Just a short update:

It seems to be that somehow True Drive has installed the Simucube Wireless Wheel 2 module firmware to the device. We are disabling firmware update function for 2023.2 release to make this not happen at the moment.

We are also making and testing a special software method to install correct firmware again.

Is it possible that the implementation of the pedal software is causing some side effects?
Is it possible that the pedal project has negative effects on the TD programming?
Is it possible that you have not enough manpower in your software division to finish all the projects? Like DIF, for example?
I had some strange incidents, where Fe Sinewave DIF was all of a sudden marked as available and active in AC. And the fact that the DIF project is not mentioned anymore is strange too.
As you wrote me, you use classic AC, without CM. This is absolutely ok, when this is your private decision. But at least 1 person in the company should be overwieving all these software variations, especially when a lot of titles are quite old, but are regularly optimized and updated through different projects. It’s like you would use RBR without the Hungarian plugin: you would use a title no-one else do anymore

No. The ActivePedal software is a completely new software project, with 0 lines of code that are the same.

No, not directly.

You mean DirectInput filters? Its true that there has been some unexpected difficulties and corner cases, but it is still work that has to be done anyway. The plan is to upgrade the wheel base firmware, and the servo drive too, to the new software.

That would be pretty much impossible at any manpower.

You are correct in this, I cannot disagree.

Such incidents have not happened to any of our testers and does not happen in our office, so its a bit of a mystery. I can remember you mentioning this, but without a way to reproduce the issue, its difficult…

Thanks Mika, for taking the time and the answer.

I meant that the size of the project, the integration of it, can/could bring “surprises”, unexpected side effects and/or disturbance. I didn’t thought about coding itself

You are right that we have focused in the ActivePedal recently, but as it is an all-up rewrite of both the servo drive and also the interface and protocol True Drive uses to communicate with the device, we will see the benefits in the Simucube 2 only later when we take those onboard the wheel base.

Lets get the thread back on the original issue from now on.

Yeah, sorry for posting in the wrong thread

@behic I’ve PM’d you on the forum, but it seems you haven’t answered. A status update would be nice.

Powering off the wheel using the power switch is the same thing as getting the battery out, from the perspective of somehow resetting the wheel.

The power off/on did not reset the wheel to a default state, hence why I tried to remove the battery. Perhaps some button combination to reset the wheel firmware to a default state would be useful.

I could not resolve the issue in a variety of ways so in the end just took the wheel back to the reseller to exchange for another Tahko. In my brief test the new wheel worked fine, and no firmware update prompt appeared from TrueDrive.

The wheel manufacturers - and also us - program the wheel configuration to the flash memory on the microcontroller on the wheel. Resetting that to default settings would actually cause an issue where it would not work correctly.

We removed the wireless wheel firmware update function from 2023.2 release. There has never been a firmware update for the Tahko wheel, so something must have glitched.

If it might help you further, the funky switch was changing some of the FFB settings, hence the beeping. The mapping on the 7 way switch did not match exactly the instructions per the quick start guide, but I would select a direction and then turn the knob and various settings would change (strength, recon filter). So perhaps there was also an interaction with the Simucube button when this firmware glitch happened.

yeah, by long pressing the Simucube Button on the back side of the wheel, the 7-way switch can be used to tune the FFB settings.

But it might be that if the Simucube Button on the back was somehow stuck / constantly pressed, it would constantly be in the tuning mode. This would sound like some type of an electrical issue on the wheel.

It was definitely not pressed in or stuck. You can see in the screenshot which buttons were considered active by the wheel. I don’t know why or how that firmware update prompt happened and updated the wheel, but hopefully it won’t happen again as I enjoy using the wheel.