Tahko GT21 not getting a lot of love

When I bought my Simucube setup I included this wheel as I wanted a “round” wheel as well as a formula/gt wheel.

And… I’ve used it once, which is a shame.

The problem is that it uses a special extension which makes the shaft too damned long (something the actress never said to the bishop) I like a close wheel but not that close. Those extra few millimetres really do make a difference (she definitely did say that to the bishop)

I’ve since added a couple of other wheel rims to my collection, which, with judicious use of the wheel side QR components, I’ve managed to achieve a good consistency in terms of wheel distance from me.

However the Tahko eludes me in that respect as this extension is bolted from the inside of the button plate - a poor choice of construction IMO. I do however understand though, as this was intended to be a kit wheel where you take it out of the box and put it on the wheel base with minimal effort - for customers who will only ever want one wheel and will build their setup purely around that.

So the question is, is it at all possible to replace this extension with a standard SC2 QR kit - I know it’s going to be a disassembly job, but before I undertake it I just want to know if it is possible so that I don’t waste my time trying. Naturally I’ll undertake all responsibility for any damages caused as it’s not going to be used anyway if I can’t do it.

In the event it isn’t possible, and the Tahko remains purely a display piece, then I have another question - is it possible to get the black faceplate as an aftermarket part? Because that orange faceplate is rather eyeball tearing, and, IMO, is a significant blemish on what is otherwise a rather handsome wheel.

Thanks in advance.

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I think the extension piece on Tahko GT-21 wheel is a bit slimmed down on the flange where it is near the paddle shifter components, so the regular quick release part will not fit there.

I’ve just checked with a spare SC 2 QR and it will fit with a millimetre or 2 to spare.

I looks like it’s doable:

And this is my project for this afternoon

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Very strange indeed. Would annoying me to the maximum

The OP is correct in that this wheel was not designed to be changed to use another QR solution.

It might not have been designed for another QR, but it is indeed possible.

Installing the standard SC2 QR is a simple case of replacing the 3 countersunk M5 30mm bolts holding the wheel rim to the QR extension with 3 (or 6) countersunk M5 40mm and then installing the SC 2 QR 70mm adapter with the appropriate nuts and washers - almost a standard QR installation apart from the fact that wheel rim needs to be removed.

The reason that the bolts need to be replaced is that the overly long Tahko 70mm adapter is threaded so M5 30mm screw directly into the adapter. The standard SC 2 QR 70mm adapter isn’t threaded thus you need longer bolts to accept the nuts.

The button plate is simply sandwiched between the wheel rim and the adapter.

To be honest @Mika I’m surprised that money was spent tooling up to produce a part that would only ever be used with the Tahko wheel when the standard SC2 QR works fine, exactly as intended and maintains a standard and expected experience for SC2 users.

One positive upshot of this is that the wheel now looks really cool without the eye tearing orange faceplate - I used 6 bolts instead of the 3. However if the black faceplate ever becomes available as an aftermarket part then I’ll happily buy and install it.

Here’s how it looks now


This is a very nice solution!! Very, immho. Would it be possible to recolour the orange plate, Fe with a contrast colour? Or isn’t it possible because of the surface or similar obstacle?
Could be great with maybe bright or dark blue, kind of an “instant coffee” idea, suddenly came to my mind