Tahko GT 21 makes a soft noise at the upper left zone


I have a doubt about a noise that Tahko GT21 makes when i turn the wheel or press a little the part where the upper left buttons are placed.

It’s like a “cric/clack” (soft snap). The housing is aluminum and very sturdy and high quality like the rest of the parts so i think it could be the motherboard inside?¿

Until now buttons works fine. It’s curious how your mind pay attention to this noise even driving with a loud engine volume.

What do you think about it? should i be worry? is it a silly thing and i should forget it?

My old TM steering wheels were made of plastic so i heard noises full time but i thought that premium wheels wouldn’t make noises. Is it a common thing in these types of premium wheels too?


Thanks for the report. It would be interesting to see a video about this.

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Good morning Mika,

Thank you so much for your quick response and interest.



The noise is like a “clap”, a little snap. This noise sounds sometimes when you turn the steering wheel in any direction or you take the rim. It’s not necessary to press too much for it.
In the video i press just a little to show you the snap. I’m not pressing the buttons although it sounds very similar. The noise i think it’s inside the aluminum housing. Do you think maybe it could be the motherboard inside? or some material from a button or something similar? Everything works perfect. Maybe should i tighten some screw? The FFB i’m using in TD is 7.5nm (30%) and 50-70% in sims. More strength is uncomfortable to me. It’s not too much to break some part of the steering wheel i guess.


Did the issue get solved with tightening a screw?

Good morning Mika,

In the opposite way :smile:

By slightly loosening the screws on the front plate with the Simucube logo.
It must be that they were very tight and creaky. Now, the noise has completely disappeared. I love this steering wheel and the feeling how it transmits the asphalt to me. Very good quality, solid and comfortable to drive. The Ascher Racing F28-SC V2 is very good too but the touch is a little bit drier and harder to transmit asphalt effects to my hands. So happy with both :heart_eyes: The base SC 2 Pro works perfect too, no issues until now.

Many thanks for your interest.