Switching to a profile that uses the simple menu causes no damping effects to be applied

i thought i’d try the simple menu on a profile for a game but when i switch to this profile none of the damping effects are active, i have to go into edit the ffb and change a setting and then change it back for the effects to start working, this is the latest true drive 2022.2

this is what the simple settings say, https://imgur.com/UJGBK46

but this is what actually is applied when i switch to it and i check the expert settings https://imgur.com/OUtK8CS

I have the same problem, also with the old versions, I had mentioned it in a post, I had received no response … that’ s it.

Thanks for the report. I will have a look at this finally.

This issue was introduced in some release and will be fixed in the next release.