Support ticket ( waiting for answers ) how long does it take?

I am having an issue with my simucube 2 pro wheel regarding the usb not been detected by windows
i already sent a support ticket # 136844 with all details about it .

My question is to anyone that had support tickets resolve in the past .
how long typically do they take to reply back . ?

is been 3 work days already and im still waiting for an answer .

to be fair Mika did answer quick the first time . But since i reply back on the weekend now is been 3 work days not counting sunday that i havent receive an answer regarding the problem i am having .

Sorry, we’ve been swamped with other work.

Have you contacted your reseller too? They are the first point of contact.

No i havent . I bought it from simracingbay.

I understand . Ok i will contact them .
Thank you Mika.

But just to be clear . If the problem is the usb port in the simucube .which at this point after doing all the test looks like it is. That would need a new motherboard replacement ? Or just a usb port ?

It does sound like the usb port has somehow died, if the led comes on as normal and you hear possible beeps as normal.

Yes i do . But can the usb port be replace wothout replacing the whole motherboard ?

That is most likely what will be done ^^ - there are 2 boards in the back of the current generation SC2 wheels, one for the USB HID interface, the 2nd for the servo drive interface/control…so the one board will be replaced, if that indeed proves to be the problem.

Ok got it .Thank you Beano .