Suitability for Linear motor Gantry OpenPNP project


I have a question about suitability of the Argon drives for my project.

I have 3x Tecnotion TM3S (linear synchronous motors) with current/voltage requirements in the Argon range, I have these motors configured in X, Y, Y’ orientation, and am concerned about ensuring proper Gantry operation on the two Y axis motors. I have a linear encoder on each side, and wondered if Argon drives would support MIMO type control of the gantry, and spline type movement between points. Note, I do not have hall sensors on the motors, is it possible to do startup commutation on a rigid gantry axis using Argon drives, what about homing?

I would like to use flying vision (Digital IO pin fires camera shutter) and so wondered about your support for this?

Any feedback from other Granite drives users would be welcome, as well as Granite staff.

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There is no private message facility here it seems. I have just helped another group with a project similar to that. I think the suitability of Argon depends in part on which motion contoller hardware you plan to use. I don’t think it’s polite to veer too much off Granite Devices topics. Send me an email to and I can share some insights.

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Gantry can be somewhat tricky if no hall-sensors not absolute encoders are present, as this makes phasing a mandatory step in the initialization of the motors.

This kind of setup might be possible if Y and Y’ has both separate STO signals. When STO is enabled, the power stage of the Argon is floating, and the motor doesn’t brake the motion. Each Argon could be initialized separately, and with step/dir or quadrature setpoint signals, they would control the motors simultaneously.

Using STO this way is in no way recommended, and it would need extra electronics and/or wiring to first initialize the motors separately, and then allow for a single STO signal to stop all drives.

In addition to this, there are still the limitations of tuning the motors in this kind of setup. Please see the following wiki page:

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Thank you @Esa I have since purchased the digital halls for these motors after some more research on driving gantries, I think its worth the 80 EUR per axis :slight_smile:

I may do the trial with 3 Argon motors to see if these would be suitable, and control via the SimpleMotion system.

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