Suggestions for setting up simucube with best ffb

Hi everybody! I do not speak English.
I’m using a translator, maybe I have some errors in the sentences…kk

I would like some suggestions, I have a simcube + ione pro + Big Mige 130ST- M15015

I feel very light and few effects in a straight line, and to achieve effects, I have to use very high force … and in the turns it becomes very heavy with high force …
How can I improve the effects in more intensities and in the turns not too heavy?
Follow my settings

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You should tell us which simulator are you using, and also show the MMOS settings.

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Yeah, I’m using Assetto Corsa

You should put Min Force to 0, as direct drive wheels usually generate even the smallest details. That could, depending on how MMOS implementation is done, dull all effects close to zero.

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The minimum force of I put in 1, with the attempt to increase the effects, was very low, when the car is in a straight for example …
If I put it at zero, fine.
But my problem will still continue

In the straight line the ffb gets very “soft” and in the curves tb … but if I increase the force, the straight will be soft, and in the very heavy curves.
For what I posted, you think my gimk everything is ok.

I’ve got the Small Mige with the Simucube. I have tried lots of different settings but in Assetto Corsa I have never really managed to get much feedback from the track when in a straight line. Not like in rFactor2 or iRacing, where you can feel the bumps in the road.

You might want to increase Force Settings Max Force in Mmos to 100%, have the Assetto Corsa in-game gain at between 25% and 45%, and then adjust the individual FFB for each car to get it feeling right for you. I would also try experimenting with [TEI] Inertia Effect at 0.00%.

If you want more help with Assetto Corsa, the OSW owners thread is full of information

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Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Psu ? Ioni firmware version?

I would suggest tbw 680 for your encoder.

Have you enabled gyro setting for Assetto?

What is your gain for Assetto? I would suggest 50 . and then fixing the ffb power for each car with + - from your keyboard.

Set at least 1.5% to 3.0 damper in granity to fix oscillation issues. You could also add 0.5 up to 1.0 friction. And ofcourse inertia 0.

If you have altered any game config , lets say you had a wheel before and you tried lut , you should reset those swttings and use gama.

Thanks for your input, but did you realise you were replying to a post about Mmos from 10 months old ago and before the SimuCUBE firmware had been released? :wink:

I did when i saw he switched to simcube beta from mmos but it was too late