Suggestion re opening

And it’s quite clean…when you bring up Task Manager you have the option for it to be “always on top” and it would be good if you could do that for truedrive ie. I am playing F1 2021 in fullscreen mode and I want to change something in Truedrive so I have to logout of F1 2021, go into true drive and then go through the absolutely garbage that is the F1 2021 startup.

Like I said Task Manager has that option but its a Windows tool so no idea if its even permitted by MS

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Good idea, I’ll put it on the list to investigate.

Hi. You don’t have to logout, just pause and hit alt+tab or the windows key.


or use an utility.

Anyway alt-tab should work also, maybe the most used hotkey in windows.

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@Mika, does true drive need to be running when playing a game or does the base just use the last loaded settings?

@Will, If TrueDrive was always on Top, wouldn’t that get in the way of your seeing F1 2021?

The way many other “Single monitor” users have handled this is with Alt-Tab (as mentioned in the replies above)

I’ll add one detail -some full screen apps work unpredictably with Alt-Tab - (some will stay full screen, some will minimize, I’ve seen others do a ‘resizing tantrum’) The way around this is to chose “Windowed full screen” if it’s an option in your sim (I don’t have F1 2021 so I can’t verify)

Summary of the 3 Graphics modes in most games:

  • Full Screen - takes over everything - blocks background windows, and sometimes also blocks foreground windows.
  • Windowed - typical window with a visible border - behaves just like all your other windows apps.
  • Windowed Full Screen - Also called “Borderless windowed” or “Borderless full screen” - these functionally act just like all your other programs, except the window does not have borders so the app goes right up to the edges, and then the window is sized to match your display - the big functional difference usually shows up with multiple screens as it doesn’t ‘capture’ the mouse pointer like full screen mode does - making it easy to move the pointer to another screen. It also allows for easier Alt-Tabbing on the same screen.
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thanks for all the tips and thanks for considering it Mika…

@JackSC The idea is you would open it to see your settings and make adjustments and then minimize it until the next adjustment

I don’t know if its the same as in iRacing but when I had Windowed and Nvidia Gsync set to enable for Windowed and fullscreen mode it took a huge hit in FPS over enabling just for fullscreen plus I do prefer just the fullscreen

Yeah I’ve often wondered if Windowed took a performance hit!
And I don’t suppose a 2nd screen is an option?

Gosh wouldn’t it be great if True Drive was controllable from one of those SimHub dashboard touchscreens!

Mobile app. :grinning:
Take a look at virtual desktops, you can have extra and have TD running there, switching is Win-Tab or even better Win-Ctrl-Arrow Key.