Strong creeping noise

Dear Simucube Community good morning all!

This message because yesterday, after 3 days off, I switched on my SC2 Pro base to make some laps and I noticed this strong and bad noise. Not the electric resonance noise but if you hear…you can absolutely noticed a strong noise that seems a strong creeping.
In the hand you can feel that is not smooth the wheel, as something is touching
Is something that can fix at home? Base with less than 25 hours of life

Here you can find a video concerning the noise:

Please help me, thanks :pray:t2::pray:t2:


the video is private and is not vievable.

Mr. Mika, thanks for the reply and sorry, it was loaded as private instead of available with link. Amended privacy settings, now should work :slight_smile:

Based on the video and the audio equipment I have now to listen to it, it is difficult to hear which part of it is normal. I will listen to this again later today.

thanks a lot Mika, yes audio equipment not the best, used my iPhone 11 in order to recorder at once.

thanks for later feedback, take care

Dear Mika good morning, for your info i tried again yesterday to take a part quick release base side in order to check if it was the black collar that touch during rotation but no, it wasn’t. Here enclosed another video took yesterday evening, this time i drove only on tarmac in order to provide only the strange sound without normal electrical noises.

Waiting yours and thanks

It sounds disgusting, makes your hair stand on end. It sure is devastating to have such a problem, especially out of nowhere. Everything is blocked, no more racing, this is fucking sad.
I hope Granite is going to solve this as speedy as possible. Wish you to being back in cockpit very soon :four_leaf_clover:



We are investigating this in the support ticket the OP made, further replies will be there.