Strange sounds - Simucube 2 Pro

I have a Simucube 2 Pro wheel base with a Cube Controls Formula Pro Wireless wheel, connected with a Sim Lab wheel extender! Everything is well mounted on a Sim Lab P1-X cockpit!
I noticed that the wheel base does strange sounds:
1- it sounds like it as a belt inside, but maybe this kind of sound is normal,
2- sometimes it does a cracking sound and I don’t know what it’s causing it.
I could not upload the video I did here, but I did it in Facebook “Sim Racing” group.
I only used 60% of maximum force on the Simucube software and the car I was driving was a GT3, that is limited at 50% maximum force on the rFactor 2 game, so the maximum forces the base can support were far away from be reached.
I also noticed that if I increased the forces, the bigger one the cracking sound is.
Maybe the Wheel extender amplified it, as it’s hollow inside, I don’t know !
Does anyone had a similar problem or know what is causing this?

Thanks in advance
João Miguel

I haven’t seen the video, so I can’t comment if it’s normal, or sound the same as my own wheelbase.

Anyway an easy way to share (short usually) videos is to use for example free tier is 720p only, most likely in this case video quality is not the point anyway.

I need to make a new video anyway!
Last night I downgraded the firmware to last version before the latest.
Now it’s better, but still have the crack sounds, not so often, but they still there.
I need to record a new video, near the wheel, in front of me, as the sound is louder there then in the back of the wheel base, where I recorded last video. For doing that I need to buy a phone holder, I ll go to that today.
Anyway I think the sound is amplified by the wheel extender as it’s hallow inside. But if everything was ok it shouldn’t do that noise.

That is the ‘simucube sound’.

Mine and others have the same sound.

From what I can tell, the copper windings in the motor frame are coiled like a slinky and then kinda pressed flat (this is based on a cross section picture I saw once and can’t find anymore). From what I can tell some types of voltage/current changes cause these to vibrate and you get that sound. It seems to be more audible with some sims/and FFB signals. Since I can’t see inside my unit it’s hard to tell but I almost think what we’re hearing is the reversal of direction as the coils all bend one way, and you can kind of hear the sound lose energy as it makes it’s way around the unit.

By the way, if you want to ‘demonstrate’ this sound - there’s no need to turn on a sim - you can get that sound in true drive with no sim running by rotating the wheel hard into the stop, you’ll hear the same thing.

It’s more apparent in firmware 2021.8, so you could try going back to 2021.7.

(2021.9 is also supposed to address this and will be entering testing quite soon)

Thanks for the answer!
If I am not wrong, the sound you mentioned is a continuous sound, not too strong, like there was a belt moving inside, something like the sound my previous thrustmaster ts pc did.
I already downgraded to previous version of software and it really helps in that sound.
The sound that worries me is the high pitched sound that it makes sometimes. For exemple in 1 lap on Sebring I can hear it 2,3 or maybe 4 times. It’s like something was broken inside.
As I have a wheel extender that is hallow inside, I think that this fact could amplify the sound, I don’t know.
I would try to make a video where that sound be noticeable!

João Miguel

On your FB post you mentioned a time and I heard the sound at that exact time, so I think we’re talking about the same sound- I used a sound pressure meter with mine to find where it was coming from - it’s definitely coming from the motor, not the wheel/shaft, etc… and the sound at that time is what I was referring to as the slinky sound.

On my wheel base, with 2021.7, the sound is only heard during certain force feedback stuff.
with 2021.8, I did hear a constant sound, although it was much quieter than the sound you hear during force feedback.

It’s not clipping notification by any chance that you can disable?
How does it sound?

Hi again!
The time was not totally correct!
The first time is at 00:24 and not 00:26 as I mentioned.
Anyway the sound was too low. I ll go to make another video.

João Miguel

It’s not clipping, it’s like something was broken. I need to record another video near the wheel, so the sound could be heard much better.

João Miguel