Strange sounds and work

When it doesn’t start, TD gets something like in the movie. I didn’t have this before
And this is when driving straight ahead

I will add that without starting the TD, it receives interesting settings, as if the spring itself in FFb, but through TD I cannot achieve them


I’m having difficulty in undertanding your message.

However there seems to be some kind of mechanical resonance sound in the video. Does it also happen without the extension part with original Simucube Quick Release? I would suggest trying to tighten up everything in your wheel and QR.

the problem resolves when I start True Drive, so it’s not a matter of tightening the screws

OK, maybe it because True Drive activates the High Torque mode? The Safe torque mode has significant amount of forced-on friction and damping, and that might go unstable with your hardware combination (rotational spring-mass system) making the sound.

only so before I did not know and I do not know if I should be afraid?

turning off High Torque mode actually causes this sound, so it means that you can not use this mode :frowning:

Is the guarantee realized through the shop where I bought it or send it directly to somewhere?

For any support, please contact your reseller first.