Strange Loose the FFB

I’m having problems with the base. I have a Simucube pro with 2 Psu and the last driver.
Yesterday during a race in IRacing in Glen, I had a dramatic lose of FFB when the car move it to the kerbs of the loop curve.
in true drive, showed fault 140405.
I pressed the e-stop button and released, and solve the problem.
Now, every time that I drive for the same curve, with the same kerbs, the Simucube is disconetcet and reconnected. Always!!
Only in this sector, in the rest of the track, the base is ok.
I’ve changed the usb cable for other, but the problem not solved….

I need help!

140405 is an undervoltage. It may be an issue with the power supplies. Please write us a support ticket.

I tried disconnecting the 2 psu, waited for the blue lights to go out, disconnected all the cables from the base, waited 10 minutes and reconnected everything again.
I tried iracing in Glen (again) for 20 minutes and it did not disconnect again.
I think the problem could be solved!

sometimes the power cords get lose and when only 1 psu is running the base still powers on but as soon as the ffb gets a big spike the wheelbase shuts down. It would be great if True Drive would throw a warning if not all psus are connected properly

There is no separate detection of the power supplies in the hardware.

The problem continue in same place, when the floor of the car hit the track.

I took a support ticket