Strange issue with True drive

Hi there

I’m experiencing a strange issue with true drive.

When clicking on wheel rotation it seems to jump down towards the bottom of the page making it extremely frustrating to change wheel rotation

The only way for me to solve it is to make True drive full screen and then click the up and down arrows to change the wheel rotation

Below is a video that will give you a better idea of what I mean


I’m having the same issue. @Mika this is the problem I was referring to when changing wheel rotation

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Every time I try to change DOR It is like a nightmare, jumping up and down and wont let me enter any value manually

Yes, this is a strange issue and I did not have time yet to investigate. However I did saw it repeating in the Classic software, but it did not happen in the Paddock tuning version of the same widget…

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+1 I “solve” this by maximizing the window


I just discovered that to be a solution as well haha. But the issue is that I still can’t manually enter a number, you’re limited to the arrows. So it’s still an issue worth noting. Yes, I notice the quotations around solve haha!

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Have the same problem, and it was quite maddening. Like others have said, maximizing the window for whatever reason fixes it.