Strange blink code

I was playing ACC in VR, and the game froze. Had to force quit. After shutting it down, my sc2 sport had strange blink code.
It was ok after powering off /on. Wondering if anyone can she’s some light on the meaning. It may help me figure out why I get these freezes. The manual doesn’t cover this code.

My specs if it helps.
Hp reverb g2
32gb dd4
Windows 11

Hi Ray,

Green led is turned on, when wheel has rotated over endstop. It does seem like the normal high torque mode led cycle (blue with two red blinks) is run still. There seems to be a bug in how the led is driven in this situation.

The issue should clear after a power cycle.

Weird, pretty sure it didn’t go past the bumpstop. The game froze and my sc2 was showing this code. It was fine after a power cycle though. Thanks for the reply, appreciate the help.

I’ve identified the issue. It will be fixed in the next firmware release.

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No worries, thanks for all your help. Love my sc2 and the software is a joy to use (software developer here)