Strange and annoying 'inverted' FFB problem

Every so often my SC2 Pro seems like it inverts it FFB cues. When it happens in High torque mode, the FFB is light, but when turning it off, the steering gets much stiffer, like there is a lot of resistance. This is outside of gameplay. Within gameplay it feels like resistance is hig when stationary, but then gets lighter during driving at the exact moment you expect it to get stronger.

I only really play AC, and its impossible to tell when it is going to happen, but when it ‘goes’ it is difficult to undo. Power cycling SC2 base doesn’t seem to make any difference, nor does rebooting the PC or uninstalling the device and letting windows load the driver again. It’s like the internal logic gets out of sync and reverses and then will not unset itself.

I don’t have a sure fix for it, so usually end up trying various things - updating firmware, uninstalling software, reseting the parameters within the SC software. Of all these fixes, doing a full clean reinstall / firmware flash sorts it out - but this is pretty extreme IMO

Like I said, very annoying - as when its working properly its fantastic and I forget this problem. Not sure what its doing or how to definitively fix it. Any help getting to the bottom of it much appreciated as its just ‘gone’ again.

Currently on latest firmware and true drive software (2021.4)

Some additional info that might help troubleshooting:

I manually launch true drive at startup and always turn on or power cycle the SC2 after it launches - then pair the Ascher SC-16 wireless wheel. I sometimes get USB devices not recognised after boot, so just go through this methodical boot sequence to avoid issues.

I have enabled True drive to auto high-torque at startup.