Stop button query

Safety switch …

When my PC is off or starting up can I leave the stop button depressed so the wheel has no torq.

And then I twist the button and enable torq when my race starts. (To ensure my kids don’t touch it and risk turning my PC on hurting themselves)

Curious if leaving the button depressed always when I’m not driving is ok, or will this damage the wheelbase?

Curious if I can do this to stop my kids poking it etc.

Whilst not a fail safe, and superbly unlikely they would ever touch it, if it’s engaged there is no risk …

The unit will always be off too, but the stop button is harder for them to reach than risk them turning the wheel on …


Hi Daniel

I’m slightly confused. You seem to mean that the e-stop is pressed (torque is off) when you say depressed.

Leaving the e-stop button pressed (torque is off) does not cause any damages to the system.

It’s always recommended to turn the system completely off when not it use.

Kind regards, Esa