STM32-STLINK does not recognize my ionicube board to put in dfu mode

hello everyone i have this osw with the ionicube 1x + discoveryboard was my bad trying yo upgrade to a simucube and now i cant go back to mmos i know i just need to to erease chip and load the .hex file of mmos but i cant put the board in dfu mode in no one program anything will be of help thnx guys

you need to connect your discovery board directly to your computer with the mini usb like this : Messed up my IONI..Granity gives error

hi loukas thnx fpr reply i already conect the disco board via mini usb and the stm 32 st link utility still cant detect my discoveryboard :frowning:

you need to use the other USB connector on the Discovery board to flash.

or hmm, is this model with just one USB connector? I think there are some jumpers, please refer to the STM32F4 Discovery manual, it should be explained there.

i put the jumpers for the st link and conect to via the mini usb and still cant conect via stm link i try everything idk what to do now
EDIT; now the windows detects the disco board as a keyboard im trying to reinstall the driver but nothing works

can you please try to connect it from here :

it might need different cable , careful not to use force so that you don’t brake your board.

i tried with micro usb and mini usb only via mini usb leds works i want to believe trying in other pc may works cause in the manual of stm32f4 says it may cant work if the disco is conected to the pc before u instal the drivers and thats what i do so hope thats it

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if you don’;t have another pc to try , you could try these

maybe try the instead of the number 4 i had on my link like the suggestion on stackoverflow

Mmmm….I have to dig quite deep in the far recesses of my memory bank -> one thing to try is to have both mini- and micro usb connected, and try to see if dfu allows switching the device to update mode.

I remember around 5-6 years ago, I had one discovery board that refused to flash unless both usb’s were connected. Please try that.

yup i put with the 2 usbs micro&mini and it recognize as a simucube and with the mini usb just do nothing

so maybe you have to do what is mentioned in stackoverflow and change the driver

Yup, that would be my next suggestion. Maybe OP can post a screenshot of his ‘Computer and Devices’ so we can see if it is missing or not.

And then I seem to remember if one has flashed Simucube FW, you cannot revert anymore. But anyway, Discovery boards should be quite cheap and easy to replace.

thanks everyone for help but the only solution for me was buying another discovery board so i got mmos back thanks fellas

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