STL files for SC1 big PSU case

I’d like to print the big case for the SC1 - however, I’m having a difficult time converting the DXF files to STL, as obtained from the Granite wiki. I’ve only used online converters to go from DXF -> SVG -> STL.
Tinkercad chokes on the most commonly recommended conversion utilities’ output. I’ve not delved into converting through AutoCAD/Fusion, nor importing into Fusion - which is the only “proper” CAD I have access to.

Has anyone successfully converted?

Also, what thickness is the material? Assuming perhaps a 3/5mm acrylic was the original design.


Original design was 4mm acrylic.

When laser cutting, some test cuts with different laser settings needs to be done in order to get the tolerances just right for the joints for not to overstress the acrylic.

It is quite simple to import 3D files into fusion, making the tolerance changes you might need is a bit more work, but only if required, and then exporting to stl again very simple….

Thanks Mika and Beano!

I’m hoping to 3D print, though laser isn’t out of the question.
I have a few spools of PETG I was hoping to burn through making a case or two.

I’ll try importing into Fusion and see how that goes.


Yeah, all good. If memory serves, the tolerances on the panels were pretty tight, so fitting the puzzle together required a solid effort. With 3D printing, you might have to adjust the sizes of the holes in the panels, or make the tab-bits slightly smaller….

It depends on your printer settings, extrusion flow, material used…but anyway will be easy enough to do, and PLA /PETG will work well. You won’t need to much either.