Still no reviews on Simucube 2?

Anyone got any reviews yet? Been being promised them for a bit now and I missed the first round of pre-orders waiting for some. There are one or two vids but I don’t speak French, and I don’t think they are offical reviews.

Has ANYONE here gotten their actual hands on a real simucube 2 yet?

Start at the 29:24 part. look at the wheel closely

Mine is installed, but I’m not satisfied with the configuration/settings yet.

If/when I get it dialed in, I’ll be making a video review.

I’ve done my unboxing part but I need a couple more weeks to get a true review anyone doing one now is just not honest I had a quick go tonight and so far very impressed with it not fully gone into all the settings as want to try with out any added extra first more to come from me soon


Barry’s fantastic review is up on YouTube. One misleading thing is he shows off the premium E-Stop with the SC2 Pro as if it comes stock like that. Maybe it did for him specifically, but my understanding is that you only get that out of the box with Ultimate.