Steering wheel disconnected after a strong FFB

Hi, guys,
I just set up my Simucube and loved it.
However, I’ve encountered a quite annoying problem:

Right after I encountered a strong FFB effect, for example, I lost control of the car,
the Arduino I used to drive my steering wheel button plate disconnected from the computer and reconnected right afterwards.

Is this a EMI problem, or should I buy a separate PCIE USB card because of the USB bandwidth?

FYI, I race in VR.

please tell my what you think, any help is appreciated , thx .

Does it also happen if you have the button plate not connected to the steering wheel? Might it be a USB cable issue?

If I disconnect the button plate, there is no way I can tell wether or not the usb disconnects :joy:

True. But typically also the USB cable gets the worst jolts when there is high FFB such as crashes, and might disconnect momentarily.

Have you connected your button plate (Arduino) GND to a metallic part in the QR? That should reduce a lot of the issues.

No, I haven’t,
I’ll give it a try later tonight.
Thank you.

Looks like USB cable disconections, try to fix them with adhesive tape and try

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